Boost Project Management with Collaborative Tools

October 23, 2018

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Boost Project Management with Collaborative Tools

Multitasking and racing against the clock, everywhere project managers are facing the same challenges. Working with several teams on different topics often involve military-like organization.

As companies give more freedom like remote work and flexible hours, project managers are having to find more agile forms of management. This is where collaborative tools come in, as when handling a plethora of projects and ever-growing teams, time is of the essence. Collaborative tools can speed up daily tasks, like gathering information across several emails or updates on progress from team leaders.


Here is how a collaborative tool can help solve the tension points in modern project management.

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Visual Project Management

A collaborative tool brings structure without the added rigidity. The very visual dashboard displays each projects stages, roles, and scheduling. Sharing each project’s dashboard with team members levels everyone’s expectations in terms of responsibilities, content and time frame.

Transparency gives teams grounding in their work and helps everyone prioritize accordingly. An overall view also helps identify tension points, dependencies, and where the collaboration will need more attention. In short, organized and visually accessible project planning reduces unnecessary stress.


Simplified Communication

When it comes to projects involving several collaborators, communication and collaboration are like two peas in a pod. The instant messaging app  feature of collaborative tools brings greater fluidity to the dialogue. Segment information through channels to drive clear and concise communication.

Involving only the relevant collaborators in each conversation reduces distracting noise. This way direct communication is never lost, project managers can have both group conversations and individual one-on-one exchanges optimized within the same platform.


Supported Knowledge Sharing

Collaboration tools enable all stakeholders to access key information in one place. Knowledge sharing becomes easy when team members can upload, find or download files directly in one same place. Project managers can secure collaborations by giving everyone access rights according to their clearance level.


This means each team member can view the content they need without having to rifle through their emails or open a new tab. Managing access rights are especially useful when a project combines different departments and hierarchical levels. Also, cultivating open knowledge and responsibility develops accountability.


Benefit from Real Time Reporting

Collaborative tools also offer version management and notifications which saves project managers valuable time in following a project’s advancement. In just a few clicks, project managers can generate real-time activity reports for a detailed view of the project’s advancement.


This way managers can anticipate their team’s needs and quickly adapt workflow according to new information. This also implies better control over budget constraints, resource allocation, and time frames. Version management features and notifications make keeping track of changes a breeze.

One of a project manager’s greatest allies is knowledge. Having all of the information at all times means a timely intervention can save a project from going off track or a team from losing too much time on a minor aspect.


Adopt Agile Project Management

Collaborative tools help managers adopt a flexible as teams are aware of what is expected. Thanks to reports and a global view on progress, project managers can make sensible decisions like reallocating resources, rescheduling deliverables when face with the unexpected.


Automated updates help save time, all changes are communicated to team members through notifications or email. In case of conflict, version management and instant messaging history help resolve misunderstandings. Adopting an approach based on transparency through collaborative tools minimizes stressful situations for greater business and human value on a daily basis.

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Drive business results by implementing a collaborative tool that is as efficient as it is social. After all, successful teamwork stems from fluid communication and an effective use of resources. Project managers need to make sure technology serves their strategy and not the other way around.


Collaborative tools boost communication and group cohesion through being visual, user-friendly and people oriented. Managing several projects at once is too often synonymous with long hours and endless problem solving, reduce obstacles and boost productivity by having everything in one place wherever you may be.


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