How to Make Blockchain and AI Work for You.

September 6, 2018

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How to Make Blockchain and AI Work for You


There’s no doubt we live an age of higher productivity and optimisation but all too often we’re left wondering how technological innovation can realistically improve our workflow. One push notification after another, our attention span constantly bounces back and forth, eventually distracting us from the real task at hand. Collaborative working strategies have never been so popular, yet the challenges they present reveal problematic communication habits. So how do we find our way through the tech maze?

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Let’s take a look at a few key terms- and trust us, they sound more complicated than they really are! In the end, you might even want to pass this article on to that colleague who keeps ‘replying to all’ with his version of a shared document, all changes made straight into the text, of course. Thanks but no thanks Tim.


Playing it Safe with Blockchain Technology

While most people associate the blockchain with the birth of cryptocurrencies, it’s changing our working practices for the better.

Blockchain technology pools and transfers information through secured encryption: data is broken down into blocks, which are then linked to one another using cryptography, ensuring that information is safely stored and transferred from user A to user B.

This is where blockchain gives collaboration a real boost. Imagine all participants of a project working on sensitive documents, adding comments, and publishing new versions simultaneously… it’s a nightmare, right? Thanks to blockchain, it doesn’t have to be, as each change and interaction is recorded and made accessible to all. Version management, an offshoot of blockchain technology, means each variation is accounted for, making sure all team members have the full picture in spite of the complex workflow. 


Working Hand in Hand with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days. While noone can rival a robot’s hard intelligence, technology is designed to heighten human experiences above all. Machine learning takes place when a software educates itself through data analysis, so AI might suggest the best time for you and your team to meet based on behavioral analysis (scheduling, workflow, and project deadlines). Meanwhile, machine learning automatizes low-value tasks, like answering FAQ queries from clients, for example.All parties benefit from a little extra help!


Improving collaboration through effective communication

In this day in age, everyone is constantly on the move and time is a luxury. Luckily, technical innovations are becoming increasingly intuitive. It’s not that machines are smarter than us, they’re just better students of our own behavior and thanks to them, we can streamline our day-to-day operations, leaving us with more time to focus on making meaningful and creative connections.


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