Collaborative chat: instant messaging reinvented!

The collaborative chat is the ideal solution to communicate in real time with your team. Simple to use, instantaneous and secure, collaborative messaging makes all your exchanges more fluid.
Even at a distance, you stay in touch with all your contacts. Whether you are two or a large group of people. 


SharePlace collaborative Chat

Collaborative chat saves you valuable time.
Entirely secure, your conversations are clear and organized thanks to the collaboration threads.
How will SharePlace Collaborative Chat revolutionize your company's communication?


Easily share all your documents with instant messaging

How much time do your employees waste every day searching for documents? Finding the right version of the files in question? 2 hours per day on average for each employee! That's a lot of time and it inevitably affects their productivity. SharePlace offers you to share all types of documents through instant messaging.

In this case, there is no more useless waste of time. Your conversations are organized thanks to
collaboration threads where you send your documents:










Specific documents, worked with Photoshop and so forth.

This versatility facilitates real-time exchanges around documents.
Indeed, you will no longer need to search for the latest version of a file
because SharePlace keeps track of all the history of changes made.

Concretely, each of your collaborators saves 2 hours of useless research
to increase productivity. It is very simple to invite a person to view, download or
modify a document. It's direct, there is no need to go through the emails.


Create private chat groups

You can invite anyone to share on SharePlace whether they are internal or external to your organization. Within the same place, you create, according to your needs, different directories related to collaboration threads.

For each, you select the people to invite. These people will only have access to the directories that concern them. Each discussion group is therefore private and keeps a clear guideline around a single topic. 

This collaborative experience prevents a flood of messages from overloading the mailboxes of your teams.

Did you know that each employee sends an average of 110 emails per day?

Thanks to our collaborative chat, that's a thing of the past.
Information flows smoothly and is perfectly organized.

checkBy department

checkPer project

checkPer client

checkPer mission

checkBy supplier

checkBy partner


Add real time notifications


The problem when you send an e-mail to a collaborator is the time that passes before he reads it and replies to you. This can be extremely annoying if you need a quick response to move on to the next step.

Each one of us receives so many e-mails every day that we can't read and process them all at once. But with SharePlace's collaborative chat, your messages are notified to the right person in real time. Since everyone is attached to a specific project on a given collaboration thread, it's easy to see what's going on right away.

You get a response faster. However, if you need to be focused on a task that requires your full attention, you can put the notifications in silent mode.

Work wherever you want with theweb, desktop and mobile application


Our application is adapted to current digital uses. Wherever you are, consult your instant messaging. On your computer, tablet or phone.

Download the SharePlace app or go to the to get started.
All conversations are synchronized. So when you're on the go, you'll still be chatting on the mobile app.
It's very effective for keeping in touch with your teams in all circumstances.


Your conversations are safe and secure


In chat, communication is fast, simple and secure with end-to-end encryption. Your messages are protected so that only you and the people you are communicating with can read them. Rest assured, even other SharePlace users won't have access to them.

All your data, whether it's your discussions or documents, is stored encrypted on secure servers in France.
We use a secure storage infrastructure, the same as 2500 large French groups.

In short, SharePlace collaborative chat will revolutionize your company's communication:


You discuss with your employees in a clear and quick manner.

Document sharing

Sharing, editing and retrieving documents has never been easier.


Your teams are more productive because they don't waste any more time.


No information gets lost with real-time notification and synchronization of conversations.


With the application, you connect from wherever you want.



Private groups are secure with end-to-end encryption.


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