Project management solution for agile teams 

Are you looking for a collaborative project management solution adapted to agile teams? In order to fluidify the exchanges with your teams, to manage them, to plan your actions and to save time, it is essential.


Having a unique workspace adapted to your needs is a real comfort. SharePlace is a collaborative platform that facilitates collective work on a daily basis. What are the advantages of this online project management software?

structured task management


Organizing and structuring task management within the team can sometimes be difficult. But in project management, it is absolutely essential. What you need is to have a global vision. Thanks to your project roadmap, the prioritization of tasks becomes clear. With shared access to your teams, everyone knows which tasks need to be completed, and which ones need to be done first.

Did you know that a company of 100 employees can lose up to 2M€ because of a drop in productivity? This loss is often linked to poor organization, hence the importance of having a single workspace that optimizes productivity.

A Drive to share your documents 

With a document sharing solution on the Internet, you simply give access to your files, your teams and your customers. In addition, SharePlace automatically manages the different versions of documents, while keeping a history of their evolution. The advantages of our drive are numerous:

check Document management 

Storing and filing documents is easy  

check Access rights management  

Access rights to folders can be finely managed so that only the teams working on them can consult them;

check Accessibility 

Your collaborators have direct access to the files without wasting time ;

check Customized access and rights

Customers can only access files that are relevant to them;

check  Document version management 

They can make the necessary corrections, they are saved ;  

check Security  

All your files are secured with end-to-end encryption technology.

We don't realize it, but we can waste several hours a day searching for documents. In fact, when they are in different tools, you waste time searching for them and then sending them to the right people. Thanks to our online document sharing space, that won't happen again. All your files are filed and saved securely.

A videoconference for improved exchanges

With the health crisis, remote communication has become a necessity. Between the implementation of teleworking and the limitation of travel, videoconferencing tools have experienced an unprecedented craze. Several million people used them every day in the first quarter of 2020! This trend is expected to continue.

SharePlace offers a comprehensive videoconferencing tool. Thus, you can :

check Hold information meetings with no limit on the number of participants;

check Organize brainstorming sessions;

check Make one-to-one calls; 

check Use live chat; 

check Share your screen to exchange on the project. 

And all this remotely, no matter where your collaborators are located. Of course, confidentiality is guaranteed, thanks to automatically encrypted data.


Instant messaging for smooth exchanges

How can you improve communication with your employees? In agile mode, exchanges must be done quickly. Our collaborative chat avoids multiplying e-mails unnecessarily. Instantaneous, secure, and organized by discussion threads, your communication is boosted.

Instead of exchanging a hundred emails a day with your employees, everything is gathered in one single tool. Because messages are notified in real time, answers arrive faster. The creation of collaboration threads classifies the exchanges and allows you to structure them and improve their readability.


Shared agendas and milestones

In order to give a short, medium and long term vision to your project, it is important to develop a chronology. The project timeline allows you to do this. But you must also set milestones to validate the important steps. These are project progress indicators that give everyone benchmarks.

Image The project manager must allow an optimal organization of work. To do this, using shared agendas makes it easier to organize meetings and events by updating this information when necessary. The ideal slots appear according to the availability of each person. 

Advanced access rights management

Do you work on several projects, with different teams? Do you need certain clients or collaborators to have access to only certain files? In SharePlace this is no problem.

You can give specific access rights to each shared folder. If you only want to show the document preview to a guest, but you don't want them to be able to download or edit it, that's possible. You keep control over what users can and cannot do on the software.

Collaborative project management is important for achieving your team goals. With SharePlace you have :

check A structured task management that promotes productivity ;

check A drive to store and organize your shared documents;

check A comprehensive video conferencing tool to manage remote appointments and meetings;  

check An instant messaging system to make exchanges more fluid;  

check Advanced access rights management. . 

Discover SharePlace, the first collaborative software solution powered by artificial intelligence