Online Document Sharing: Collaboration Reinvented

SharePlace is an all-in-one platform that integrates all the features your employees need on a daily basis. Our solution for sharing and editing documents online makes collaborative work within your teams more fluid.


Online Document Sharing with SharePlace

Most companies have already adopted an online document sharing solution, via a Drive storage space in the cloud. The main advantage of this is that it not only makes storing documents secure and easy, but also simplifies document sharing.

A secure online document sharing space allows you to organize your company's documents efficiently and flexibly, thanks to the management of complex tree structures and shared folders online.

All employees have secure, real-time access to their folders, even when they are teleworking. What's more, all the folders are centralized in the dedicated cloud space and are backed up automatically on a regular basis: the risk of data loss is extremely low!

The benefits of document sharing in the cloud

Opting for a document sharing solution on the Internet, directly in the cloud, has many advantages. This explains why companies and freelancers have already been seduced by it and have already adopted it.


In addition to being able to store documents in a dedicated cloud space, it is also possible to :

      • Precisely manage access rights to each folder and document;
      • View the version history of each document;
      • Modify documents, with several people, and track changes in real time;
      • To guarantee a more fluid and efficient collaborative work on shared documents.

With SharePlace, teamwork has never been easier!

Create a shared folder

Files and documents are filed in an online shared folder. In addition to storing and arranging your documents, you have the possibility to open access to other members with personalized permissions. Unlike other free online document sharing sites, SharePlace offers secure document sharing with end-to-end encryption.

Online document sharing and editing

SharePlace allows you to create an online document sharing space where it is possible to track the life cycle of each document. Thanks to traceability and automated version management, you don't lose any more documents and you are sure to always have the latest version of the document.

Collaboration around documents without multiplying tool

The SharePlace collaborative Drive allows you to exchange on your documents with your teams or stakeholders outside your organization without changing tools. The collaboration platform intelligently combines document storage and sharing features with secure instant messaging. No more endless email threads or context-free conversation strings.

French solution and security


All data is hosted on servers in France. Like Telegram, SharePlace uses end-to-end encryption technology to ensure the security and privacy of shared data and conversations. The SharePlace platform is fully compliant with the rules of the RGPD.

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