Online videoconferencing: effective remote communication

The SharePlace all-in-one platform integrates a complete online videoconferencing solution for your team communication and more collaborative work. Video conferencing allows you to keep in touch with your teams even from a distance.


What is a videoconferencing solution?

For reasons of convenience, or to compensate for the impossibility of meeting physically: everyone has already been required to organize or participate in video meetings, remotely. There is no shortage of videoconferencing solutions today.

So much so that it can be difficult to choose among the various alternatives available. Our priority at SharePlace? Making your life easier! Why opt for dozens of different tools, when one and the same platform natively gathers all the features you need.

The SharePlace platform


The SharePlace collaborative platform has a comprehensive video conferencing tool that will meet all your needs:

checkInformation or project launch meetings;

checkBrainstorming meetings to generate new ideas;

checkPrivileged moments of one-to-one exchanges, to make a point or move forward together on a specific subject.

checkScreen sharing to discuss a document.

Videoconferencing is your best ally, to manage your projects more easily, even when stakeholders are not geographically present in the same place.


With SharePlace, teamwork has never been easier!


The SharePlace platform


SharePlace is your new collaborative work environment, based on artificial intelligence and secured via blockchain technology. Our goal? To offer you an outstanding work experience, and increase your individual and collective efficiency.

No more long minutes spent juggling, connecting and disconnecting dozens of tools every day. SharePlace natively integrates all the applications you use every day.

Discover the SharePlace collaborative platform


Our videoconferencing solution provides you with many features to make your meetings more enjoyable, more interactive and more efficient:

checkNo need to create an account, or to identify yourself on the tool;

checkNo limit of participants;

checkA chat to interact live with the meeting participants;

checkShare your screen, in real time;

checkEdit texts in a collaborative way.

All your data is automatically encrypted to guarantee the confidentiality of your exchanges. Our videoconferencing tool is thus the ideal solution to organize your meetings easily, without investing in an additional tool.


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