Security is our priority

We have put in place a sophisticated information security framework to assess risks and develop a security culture at SharePlace.

By design, SharePlace integrates several levels of protection distributed over a distributed and reliable infrastructure:

  • SharePlace protects stored data and data in transit between our applications and servers. To ensure data integrity and security, SharePlace uses an end-to-end encryption system for both documents and discussions using random AES 256 keys.
  • You can access your files and discussions from the desktop application, web interface and mobile applications with the same level of security.
  • Data and files are saved in encrypted form on exclusively French data centres.

In addition, all the operations carried out (new document, new comments, etc.) are recorded in the blockchain and make it possible to draw up a complete and certified audit report.


Protecting your account

Choose a unique password that is difficult to guess and that you do not use anywhere else. Test it with a password security assessment tool when you create your account or reset your password regularly.

With SharePlace, teamwork has never been easier!

FAQ Security / GDPR


Where are my documents stored?

Your documents (and all their versions), comments, etc. are stored in encrypted form (AES 256 encryption) on secure servers in France.

We use the same storage infrastructure as 2500 major French accounts.

We can also host your data directly on your servers (installation of the On-premise server part); if you have this need, do not hesitate to contact us directly:


As the GDPR regulations have different requirements, your compliance needs will depend on your specific circumstances. If you have any questions or specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us directly:, or consult our Privacy Policy.

Below are some answers to the main questions related to this subject:

What is the GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation designed to help citizens and residents of the European Union (EU) to protect the confidentiality of their data, by indicating which data may be collected, processed and stored.

What data does SharePlace collect?
When registering on SharePlace, we ask for information such as your name and email address. You can access and modify this information at any time in your account settings.


In addition, when you use our service, you authorize us to use the following data for the operation of SharePlace, and not for commercial purposes:

  • E-mail
  • IP address
  • Profile photo (optional)
  • Device identifier
  • Skype ID (optional)
  • First and last name (optional)
Why does SharePlace collect personal data?

The data we collect is necessary to provide you with our services and is used to improve SharePlace.

How do I export my personal data?

We can provide you with a complete export of the data we have collected about you upon request, contact our support team:

How does SharePlace process the data?

SharePlace is considered a data processing company, which means that SharePlace controls how your user data is processed and is responsible for data processing under the GDPR regulations. Although SharePlace owns the code, databases and all rights to the applications, you retain all rights to your data.

When absolutely necessary, we use GDPR-compliant third-party services such as AWS and Microsoft Azure. In these cases, we take the necessary security measures to ensure that we are in compliance with the GDPR when sending and receiving data from the third party.

Do you provide a list of relevant third party services?

Yes, when necessary, we use the services of the following third parties in accordance with the GDPR:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Analytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Intercom
  • Microsoft Azure
Do you process data outside the EU?

No, all data is processed in France. We collect as little data as possible, and all data is encrypted using AES 256 encryption.

Do you ever sell data?

No, we never sell data.

How long do you keep personal data?

We store personal data voluntarily provided on our servers as long as your account is active. You can delete your account and all associated data at any time by contacting us directly:

How are personal data protected?

We limit access to personal data to a very small number of employees who need such access for specific reasons.

We regularly test, review and evaluate the effectiveness of our processes and technology.

We use encryption to protect the data.

How are personal data encrypted?

When user data is stored on servers and databases, SharePlace uses AES 256 encryption. When data is sent or received, it is encrypted to TLS 1.1 or higher. Data backups are encrypted in AES 256 and signed by RSA with a 2048-bit key.

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