SharePlace as an alternative to email

Make progress in your work, not in the management of your emails

Email is the most used means of communication by companies. However, it does not provide an overview of the organization's exchanges and processes. It is therefore easy to be invaded by emails. Revolutionize the way you work with SharePlace!


The 3 fundamental elements of collaboration


The exchange of information, discussions: communicating with your team, exchanging ideas


Tracking and storing the deliverable: knowing the status of a deliverable on a project


Project management: being able to assign tasks to your team members

Collaboration exclusively by email is quickly becoming ineffective in companies. Indeed, email presents strong limitations to this model of collaboration. You multiply endless email chains, with the risk of forgetting people in cc copy and attachments impossible to find. Drowned by email? Choose a simpler and more organized way to work with SharePlace.

The advantages of SharePlace over the limitations of email

E-mail is the most used work tool by companies, mainly used to communicate, exchange information, share documents... However, email presents many significant restrictions when we are looking for efficiency. Simple solutions exist to replace emails.


Facilitate the management of your projects and say goodbye to perpetual endless email chains

The use of email makes us face a lack of organization in the inbox, we waste a lot of time sorting our emails, finding the thread of a discussion, and following the progress of a project can quickly become laborious. In SharePlace, all discussions and documents associated with a project are in one workspace: a thread.

Get the best organization for you, with a tree structure that suits you. You can invite your internal and external collaborators, appoint a manager and assign tasks to your team members. Information is shared. The environment is much easier to read and allows you to find all the information you want in just a few clicks. Information is no longer compartmentalized in your emails.

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Easily store and share all your documents

Document management is not possible with email: versioning is not managed, shared documents are not centralized. Indeed, email is not a cloud storage space. And finally, searching is very inefficient, it is complicated to find a specific document with all the exchanges that accumulate over time.

SharePlace allows you to centralize and share with your teams all types of documents securely in the dedicated workspace. In addition to being able to store documents, it is also possible to edit files with several people, track changes in real time, and trace the version history of each document. This guarantees a smoother and more efficient collaborative work.

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Streamline the way you communicate

E-mail is one of the tools of asynchronous communication. It allows you to respond to messages at your own pace instead of having to interrupt your work to provide a real-time response. .

The problem with email is that most people use it as a synchronous tool. Managers expect their employees to answer emails as if they were picking up the phone. As a result, many employees waste a lot of their time answering emails.

SharePlace allows you to start real-time discussions with your colleagues and even your partners, customers or suppliers. Your messages are no longer drowned in the mass with notifications.

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Don't waste any more time juggling between the different tools

Email forces the use of a complete software ecosystem to counterbalance its weaknesses. The information exchanged is dispersed over several different tools (project management, document sharing and storage, instant messaging...). This has a major impact on your organization. The perpetual interruptions caused by these numerous tools have consequences: a considerable loss of time, a loss of concentration and a reduction in individual and collective efficiency.

The SharePlace solution brings together all the features you need to collaborate effectively with your team on a daily basis. You can perform fast actions and exchange in real time without changing the interface.

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SharePlace, a French alternative to emails:
the solution that makes collaboration simple and efficient

More than a collaborative tool, the collaborative platform offers a complete collaborative work environment and an innovative user experience.

The SharePlace collaboration tool allows you to better organize your work by reducing the number of emails. You will no longer need to spend your time sorting your inbox. Use this time saved to manage your projects more serenely. You can follow all your projects in parallel without ever losing track, without ever having to search for information because everything you need is on one and the same tool. SharePlace allows you to concentrate on the realization of your projects and not on the choice of tools to use.

SharePlace unifies the functionality of the tools you use today:

check Videoconference online

keep in touch with your teams at a distance

check Collaborative chat

Discuss in real time with your internal and external teams in a secure manner

check Online document sharing

access all your documents stored in an encrypted way in the platform

check Project management and tasks

Move forward on all your projects and assign tasks to your team. Save time by following the progress in real time.