Collaborative remote working software

Always at the heart of innovation, SharePlace is our solution to facilitate remote communication between employees within the same company.   

The rises we are going through put companies and their work organization to the test and it is never easy to adapt your working methods to the new standards that are being imposed on you.  


The context of the health crisis has made remote working a necessity to maintain the economy and following the sudden implementation of remote work in their company, many employees find themselves drowning under emails, phone calls and different projects, all these tasks taking place on several different platforms. The inability to talk to their colleagues has severely disrupted teamwork.

There is a solution to this: our remote working software, the tool you need for simplified and centralized teamwork management.

Working remotely in companies

Since 2017, remote work has emerged as an alternative to the typical workday. In France, this will concern almost 30% of employees in 2019 (compared to 25% in 2018).  

By democratizing it, home-workplace distance has ceased to be an obstacle to meetings, videoconferences or simply working on site. Trying to work remotely means using new communication channels, relying as much as possible on digital resources...  

Finally, review most of his teamwork methods. Digital technology, which had already established itself as a new work tool, is overturning the organization of work and is becoming essential, thus increasing the productivity of employees, whether they are in the office or working from home. 

In view of the new measures adopted by the government and the European Union, many companies have had no choice but to give remote work a chance, and the results are irrevocable.  

The advantages of remote work

Better productivity is seen among employees who are generally less tired thanks to the savings in travel time (up to 85% of employees say they are less tired). A compromise that seems to suit everyone and which is constantly winning over companies.


All in all, the advantages of remote work are :

  • Productivity is maintained or even increased, even at a distance (between 5% and 30%).
  • More creative employees, less subject to stress
  • An unchanged business for companies, no matter what the circumstances.

Remote work has proven its worth in times of crisis and has enabled more than one company to maintain its activity. If you don't know what's going to happen, you have the opportunity to prepare yourself this time.

Our Solution? SharePlace. Our software will help you stay up and running even remotely and our easy-to-use interface will convince your most reluctant employees.

Collaborative project management

Guaranteeing good communication between collaborators is essential, this is what our collaborative work platform ensures. Very complete, our software brings together in the same platform, different functionalities:

The plus of SharePlace


SharePlace is above all an all-in-one collaborative platform that makes communication and organization much easier for both employees and managers.

To collaborate is to communicate. Communicate with your superiors, your customers, your service providers. To collaborate is also to exchange and share. Exchanging ideas, projects, concepts... All the more so when different actors are involved in the same mission, it is essential to ensure that everyone is making progress and that the deliverable is compliant.


With SharePlace, organize your video conferences and meetings via shared calendars. Ideal for sharing documents, you will no longer need to use different cloud services.

You will be able to exchange instantly with your collaborators from all over the world, and not only! Our platform is not only reserved for employees of the same company, it also allows you to invite an unlimited number of external guests to meetings.

What we offer you is technological and managerial innovation in project management.

Project management on SharePlace is :  

check A unique working environment 

Have access to all the information on the same platform  

check Effective communication

Facilitate communication between remote work teams   

check Project Management  

The possibility for the management to follow the progress of the projects and to assign the different tasks.  

check Task management 

To be able to consult team tasks and delivery dates at any time 

check Breaking down silos

Simplify the intervention of external collaborators (partners, customers, suppliers...).  

check Online solution

Of course, all this is available on a platform that is accessible and usable by all.

In summary


With SharePlace, we open the door to remote working 2.0. All the functionalities you will need, gathered in one single software.

What we offer you is to make your job easier, to save time. Folders, agendas, meetings and conferences, all on a single platform, when before, you had to consult several to access all these tasks.

Synonymous with modernity and autonomy, if remote work is the Future of Work, SharePlace is the future of remote work.


Discover SharePlace, the first collaborative software solution powered by artificial intelligence